Recent developments...and an apology

Hey there!

So first, I want to be honest with everyone. We have been slackers concerning our blog!

    Because school is still in the picture, it can be hard to promote a book while taking care of our animals and still getting an education, but that is all about to change. We have talked about it, and have decided that if we are going to pursue being authors, we need to be all in.

       From now on, we are going to be doing our best to blog weekly! We may need some grace from time to time, but that's our goal. I hope y'all are ready to hear about all of our animals' crazy antics!

       For this week, I wanted to share some recent developments.

1.) We've finally decided to promote Redeemed Ranch Books on Instagram! Though not the best at it, we decided to try our hand at one of the most popular social media apps. Please go and give us a follow @Redeemed_Ranch_Books on Instagram.

2.) As many of you probably know, our book is finally available! You can purchase it on

Amazon,Books-A-MillionBarnes and Noble etc. We are so excited!

3.) Though we aren't sure when they are going to make an appearance in a book, we now have two new horses and one donkey! Check out our Instagram page to see pictures.

Thank you guys for being patient as we figure this whole thing out!

                                                 Love from the farm,

                                                                   Gracie Danker